Birds, beasties and nasty nibbly things News

Posted by Judy Fri, March 11, 2016 15:48:41

We were minding our own business at breakfast, outside of course, when the hotel squirrel shot across the path near our table.

We had the usual collection of sparrows and mynah birds keeping us company, one seems to have adopted us .. he knows a pair of softies when he sees them, the sort that will share their lunch. Oddly enough he ignored the bread and helped himself to cheese.

Two of the local lizards ... we're talking animals a good eighteen inches long and built accordingly ... played tag across the paths and into the plant beds. Well one chased the other in and then paraded up and down and posed in the sunshine long enough for Jen to get some photos. The first one was then seen half in the kiddies pool having a drink ... nonchalant or what.

Happy hour is always good, apart from the wine and fantastic views it brings out all sorts of things. A pair of eagles whose wings shone orange from the setting sun, bats swooping low under the branches and through the tables, and even some ants who decided to take up residence on the table lamp.

As as for the nibbly nasties .... today was the day when they decided en masse to attack me. Not a single bite did I get whilst we were in KL, the odd one early this week, but today .... I look like a relief map of the Pennines. Not just one or two but whole lines of 'em!!

Hump dayNews

Posted by Judy Fri, March 11, 2016 09:42:08

Apparently Wednesday is Hump Day, can't say I've ever heard this before.

I heard it first in the context of someone we'd met at the hotel leaving the next day .. Wednesday. So I thought it was used about people who did mid week to mid week or weekend to mid week bookings.

Apparently not ... seems it's much more simple. Wednesday is half way through the week, you're over the hump and heading downhill to the weekend.

Sounds good to me. In future I'll be raising a glass to Hump Day 🍷🍸🍹🍻

Shorts, shorts, shorts and more shorts News

Posted by Judy Tue, March 08, 2016 15:05:18

So here's the thing. I like wearing shorts in the summer,probably haven't got the legs but what the hell.

I have two two pairs of extremely dubious shorts covered in stains, paint, rips etc and fit only for painting in or working in the garden, plus one pair of half decent ones for summer cum holiday.

Last year I struggled, and I mean I really struggled, to find anything new. When we came to Malaysia .. shorts capital of the world .. I'd put on too much weight to find any to fit. Deep despair, resolved to do better.

This year I am the proud owner of four pairs !!! Not only did I get into my current pair, Jen brought me some from Oz (one pair far too big .. yea!!), and I've bought two pairs since I've been here. I'm now shorts -upped. Whe hey 😎😎😎

Interesting what keeps amused or happy

Every cloud has a silver lining News

Posted by Judy Tue, March 08, 2016 08:27:54

..... thank goodness !!

We arrived in Georgetown raring to go with lots of things we wanted to do, Jen even persuaded the driver of the shuttle bus to drop us near to The Bay View Hotel so that we didn't have to pound pavements. We did get some strange looks from the rest of the passengers but we donned sunglasses, smiled sweetly and carried on 😎😎

First cloud ☁️ ... the hairdresser we found a few years ago has gone, salon closed. Aaagh😑

Taxi to Pangin Mall. Good news the shop selling shorts is still there, even better news is that this year I got into them easily. 😎.

Clouds two and three ☁️☁️ ... time for lunch and The Dôme has disappeared. Jen has brainwave .. we'll head to Paragon Gurney and go to Ben's. Guess what ... it's changed hands, so has the menu and it's empty.

Finally the silver lining.β˜€οΈ We found the TWG tea cafe a few yards away. We've been to the one in KL and loved it, this was just as good. White cloths, silver cutlery, china cups and saucers, great service plus three couse light lunch with what seemed to be never emptying teapots for RM38 ... €8


I can't remember the last time ...News

Posted by Judy Fri, February 26, 2016 20:50:40

... I had a bath.

Not that I smell ... I just use a shower, I don't even have a bath ... but today I revelled in a deep foamy delicious one.

I'd decided what I was wearing to travel in, heading to the sun it was sleeveless top and cotton jacket, at least I had the sense to wear jeans!! The ice on my car should have made me re-think but the sun was shining so I carried on regardless.

The wind whistled through Angouleme station and the train was late, I missed a shuttle bus at the airport and had to wait for half an hour ... needless to say the wind was still whistling and the bus for my hotel was the last to arrive.

I then caught another shuttle bus to the nearby shopping mall, still in summer gear, and on the return journey got some very funny looks from an elderly french lady encased in coat, scarf, gloves and boots. I said in french that I'd made a mistake to which she nodded and said yes she'd noticed.

Food and wine hadn't done the trick so I ran a hot bath and sank gingerly into it ... bliss ☺️☺️☺️

It's a hard life ...News

Posted by Judy Wed, September 23, 2015 17:44:28

.... but someone has to do it.

Mid September, 6:30 in the evening, sitting outside in the sunshine, dog crashed out at my feet ... I did give him a good long brisk walk this evening ... glass of wine at my side, listening to the birds and enjoying the sunshine.

As I said's a hard life 😎

Critters 1News

Posted by Judy Mon, September 14, 2015 17:06:04

So there I was minding my own business hanging out the washing before I dash out, I turn round and there's a barn owl sitting two feet away from me. A neighbour came past and said she thought it had been seen previously in another neighbours garage and that it may be injured and possibly hadn't been fed.

Somehow an injured bird ... of protected species no less ... has managed to move itself about thirty yards across a road and into my garden. Everything goes on hold until neighbours partner appears with deep basket and cloth. As he managed to lift it easily into the basket he thought it was on its last legs and probably wouldn't survive long.

Interesting journey to Roumaziers, had to use my wing mirrors to drive as I had the rearview pointed towards basket in case bird decided to make its escape. Made it to vets .. phew, fortunately no one in the waiting room ... phew again and vet took charge. Broken wing but otherwise ok and when recovered would be released or taken to the bird sanctuary.

Look out David ...News

Posted by Judy Mon, August 10, 2015 17:30:33

... here comes Judy Bailey.

I love my little Nikon camera, it fits in my pocket or my handbag and takes smashing pics. But ... for a couple of years I've been hankering after something just a bit bigger that would offer me a few more bells and whistles and make me work a bit harder. The reason I'm still without is price .. ebay or wherever I look they're a bit gulp making.

Today is the day, well actually Wednesday will be the day I get it but today is the day I've committed myself. Ok, it's second hand but for me that's not a problem. Added to which I get all the gizmos and bag for a mere €50 or Β£36. Wheeee 😊

Look out David here I come