There's different

NewsPosted by Judy Tue, July 07, 2015 19:41:24
I think I have a new disease ... Measles of the feet.

The humid weather over the last week seems to have brought out some strange beasts, biting beasts at that. It's bad enough that I have a whole raft of bites on my arms and legs but I now have small red spots covering my feet and ankles. They don't itch, they just sit there.

I'm now on a mission to find out which nasty little beastie decided to use me for tapas

Whatever next

NewsPosted by Judy Sat, July 04, 2015 07:02:12
So here's a first, for me anyway, yesterday I heard my own pulse. Not felt it .. heard it.

A colleague of mine from French class is a podiatrist and now has her registration to work in France. A match made in heaven .. I love having my feet sorted and she lives locally. She used one of those ultrasound thingies to listen to my pulse through my feet ... fascinating.

I may have healthy feet but I definitley have a screw loose. In a moment of madness the other week ... I blame the heat ... I told a friend with a motorbike that I wouldn't mind a ride. Needless to say he turned up on Wednesday morning with spare helmet, couldn't in all concience back out so there I was hanging on for dear life. We didn't get very far. Last time I'd been on a motorbike was when I was sixteen, there is a very good reason why I hadn't done it since ... I'm a self confessed first grade wimp !!

Sometimes I get it right

NewsPosted by Judy Tue, June 30, 2015 07:23:02
... not often you understand, but sometimes.

The lovely gazebo I found last year has been well used since its inaugural opening party. This summer it's turned into a Bedouin style tent with the addition of side curtains, now it just needs it's fairly lights setting up and it will be become a local attraction ... leave your €2 at the gate please.

Having also accepted that my kitchen can be like an oven when the sun hits ... sorry Barb you were right ... I umm'ed and ahh'd over how to resolve it. Decided that keeping the glass cool in the summer was first priority so looked round for a canopy awning thingy.

Found the perfect one in Leroy Merlin at Family Village .... grey and white stripes. Not only was it the nicest I'd seen it was the cheapest, sometimes I get it right. I double checked the space available, got someone else to check the measurements ... always a good move ... and scuttled off to make sure I didn't miss the offer.

It it is now in place, wound out and keeping the kitchen cool. Ok so one of the fixers said it made the house look like an ice cream parlour ... do I care ?? Good excuse to buy more ice cream and I can always put a sign on the gate

"Stop and buy one "


NewsPosted by Judy Tue, June 30, 2015 06:56:37
What is it about batteries .. and light bulbs ... one goes, they all go. It's a sort of sheep mentality.

It had been another hot day, and I mean HOT 🔥.. sizzling, so decided to relax with an hours tv. Hah!! Forget that .. the batteries in the remote had died. I could have done my own version of the Python sketch

This remote is dead, it has died, it is no more.

Wouldn't mind but I'd been looking at a display of batteries in the supermarket yesterday and being a smart arse walked away thinking "why am I looking at these, I've got loads at home". Mistake, big mistake !!!

To add insult to injury the toner cartridges in the printer have started to fade, making for some very pretty documents though.

Guess where I'm heading this morning.

Almost ready

NewsPosted by Judy Thu, May 21, 2015 18:50:28
..this years hatching of blue tits.

Mum has laid her eggs in the pump over the old well and the noise is terrific. I did my eyeballs in the sky routine the other day and after some serious squinting found all these little eyes peering back at me.

Difficult when when you're hanging washing or doing some gardening but I have to avoid the area near the pump as much as possible or mum gives me earache.

What gets me is how she gets down to the level she does to make her nest given all the metal bits involved, and then how she gets the chicks out. However she does it I feel very honoured that she's chosen my garden and my pump.

First cat that comes close will be tailless !!

It's the best ....

NewsPosted by Judy Fri, April 24, 2015 09:02:45
Pretty Woman of course. What is it about some films or books that you just cannot resist no matter how many times you've seen them or read them. I caught up with it the other evening ... lost count of how many times that makes it.

Favourite bits ??

Getting her own back on the stuck up assistant

The red dress moments, especially when he snaps the jewellery box on her fingers

Oh and let's not forget the shopping expedition when she's surrounded by assistants and clothes .. heaven. I still fancy some of the outfits and they're from the late 80s !!

Who else remembers the brown and cream spot dress ?? Jen found a pattern in her loft that is THAT dress, I now have it cut out in grey and white ..., I must finish it. I'll never come any closer to being the pretty woman than that but I can dream 😊

A tall, but true, tale ..

NewsPosted by Judy Fri, March 13, 2015 09:00:02

... of trials and tribulations trying to track down the tailors of Penang.

Everyone seems to know someone, or who knows someone else, who has had a suit, frock or whatever made in a day by one of the millions of tailors operating in the east. So two years ago Jen and I joined in and each had something made by a tailor in Kuala Lumpur. Mine was a bit of the loose side so last year I brought it with me and had it altered by a lovely guy opposite our hotel in Penang. Great job and we talked to him about making things next time we were there.

Plans were made, we loaded our suitcases with patterns, fabric and ideas and ..... guess what ... every tailor we've tried has moved, gone on holiday or doesn't do ladies stuff. Lots of beating of chests and gnashing of teeth. Aaaaaagh

It will have to be plan B .... in the meantime we're heading to happy hour to drown our sorrows.

Decisions decisions

NewsPosted by Judy Wed, March 11, 2015 10:05:32

It could be the heat but ...

Arrived at my lounger this morning, looked at my toenails and thought "rats I should have painted them turquoise to go with my bikini". Ok I know I've always been a red toenail person but things change, I'd already developed a taste for bright pink and even had one called Tulip Noir ... Chanel of course.

The other day Jen was telling me how she'd used nail polish on beads to change the look so when I found some polishes very very cheap and in a whole raft of colours I thought it would be worth a go. I have now added to my collection black, white, soft lime, true blue and turquoise.

Yesterday my polish was looking a bit frayed round the edges and I was thinking of wearing a white linen dress so I freshened 'em up with black. I love it 😊

Thank goodness for 30kg luggage allowance ... which colour next ??

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