Decisions decisions

NewsPosted by Judy Wed, March 11, 2015 10:05:32

It could be the heat but ...

Arrived at my lounger this morning, looked at my toenails and thought "rats I should have painted them turquoise to go with my bikini". Ok I know I've always been a red toenail person but things change, I'd already developed a taste for bright pink and even had one called Tulip Noir ... Chanel of course.

The other day Jen was telling me how she'd used nail polish on beads to change the look so when I found some polishes very very cheap and in a whole raft of colours I thought it would be worth a go. I have now added to my collection black, white, soft lime, true blue and turquoise.

Yesterday my polish was looking a bit frayed round the edges and I was thinking of wearing a white linen dress so I freshened 'em up with black. I love it 😊

Thank goodness for 30kg luggage allowance ... which colour next ??