A tall, but true, tale ..

NewsPosted by Judy Fri, March 13, 2015 09:00:02

... of trials and tribulations trying to track down the tailors of Penang.

Everyone seems to know someone, or who knows someone else, who has had a suit, frock or whatever made in a day by one of the millions of tailors operating in the east. So two years ago Jen and I joined in and each had something made by a tailor in Kuala Lumpur. Mine was a bit of the loose side so last year I brought it with me and had it altered by a lovely guy opposite our hotel in Penang. Great job and we talked to him about making things next time we were there.

Plans were made, we loaded our suitcases with patterns, fabric and ideas and ..... guess what ... every tailor we've tried has moved, gone on holiday or doesn't do ladies stuff. Lots of beating of chests and gnashing of teeth. Aaaaaagh

It will have to be plan B .... in the meantime we're heading to happy hour to drown our sorrows.