NewsPosted by Judy Tue, June 30, 2015 06:56:37
What is it about batteries .. and light bulbs ... one goes, they all go. It's a sort of sheep mentality.

It had been another hot day, and I mean HOT 🔥.. sizzling, so decided to relax with an hours tv. Hah!! Forget that .. the batteries in the remote had died. I could have done my own version of the Python sketch

This remote is dead, it has died, it is no more.

Wouldn't mind but I'd been looking at a display of batteries in the supermarket yesterday and being a smart arse walked away thinking "why am I looking at these, I've got loads at home". Mistake, big mistake !!!

To add insult to injury the toner cartridges in the printer have started to fade, making for some very pretty documents though.

Guess where I'm heading this morning.