Sometimes I get it right

NewsPosted by Judy Tue, June 30, 2015 07:23:02
... not often you understand, but sometimes.

The lovely gazebo I found last year has been well used since its inaugural opening party. This summer it's turned into a Bedouin style tent with the addition of side curtains, now it just needs it's fairly lights setting up and it will be become a local attraction ... leave your €2 at the gate please.

Having also accepted that my kitchen can be like an oven when the sun hits ... sorry Barb you were right ... I umm'ed and ahh'd over how to resolve it. Decided that keeping the glass cool in the summer was first priority so looked round for a canopy awning thingy.

Found the perfect one in Leroy Merlin at Family Village .... grey and white stripes. Not only was it the nicest I'd seen it was the cheapest, sometimes I get it right. I double checked the space available, got someone else to check the measurements ... always a good move ... and scuttled off to make sure I didn't miss the offer.

It it is now in place, wound out and keeping the kitchen cool. Ok so one of the fixers said it made the house look like an ice cream parlour ... do I care ?? Good excuse to buy more ice cream and I can always put a sign on the gate

"Stop and buy one "