Every cloud has a silver lining

NewsPosted by Judy Tue, March 08, 2016 08:27:54
..... thank goodness !!

We arrived in Georgetown raring to go with lots of things we wanted to do, Jen even persuaded the driver of the shuttle bus to drop us near to The Bay View Hotel so that we didn't have to pound pavements. We did get some strange looks from the rest of the passengers but we donned sunglasses, smiled sweetly and carried on 😎😎

First cloud ☁️ ... the hairdresser we found a few years ago has gone, salon closed. Aaagh😡

Taxi to Pangin Mall. Good news the shop selling shorts is still there, even better news is that this year I got into them easily. 😎.

Clouds two and three ☁️☁️ ... time for lunch and The Dôme has disappeared. Jen has brainwave .. we'll head to Paragon Gurney and go to Ben's. Guess what ... it's changed hands, so has the menu and it's empty.

Finally the silver lining.☀️ We found the TWG tea cafe a few yards away. We've been to the one in KL and loved it, this was just as good. White cloths, silver cutlery, china cups and saucers, great service plus three couse light lunch with what seemed to be never emptying teapots for RM38 ... €8