Shorts, shorts, shorts and more shorts

NewsPosted by Judy Tue, March 08, 2016 15:05:18
So here's the thing. I like wearing shorts in the summer,probably haven't got the legs but what the hell.

I have two two pairs of extremely dubious shorts covered in stains, paint, rips etc and fit only for painting in or working in the garden, plus one pair of half decent ones for summer cum holiday.

Last year I struggled, and I mean I really struggled, to find anything new. When we came to Malaysia .. shorts capital of the world .. I'd put on too much weight to find any to fit. Deep despair, resolved to do better.

This year I am the proud owner of four pairs !!! Not only did I get into my current pair, Jen brought me some from Oz (one pair far too big .. yea!!), and I've bought two pairs since I've been here. I'm now shorts -upped. Whe hey 😎😎😎

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