Birds, beasties and nasty nibbly things

NewsPosted by Judy Fri, March 11, 2016 15:48:41
We were minding our own business at breakfast, outside of course, when the hotel squirrel shot across the path near our table.

We had the usual collection of sparrows and mynah birds keeping us company, one seems to have adopted us .. he knows a pair of softies when he sees them, the sort that will share their lunch. Oddly enough he ignored the bread and helped himself to cheese.

Two of the local lizards ... we're talking animals a good eighteen inches long and built accordingly ... played tag across the paths and into the plant beds. Well one chased the other in and then paraded up and down and posed in the sunshine long enough for Jen to get some photos. The first one was then seen half in the kiddies pool having a drink ... nonchalant or what.

Happy hour is always good, apart from the wine and fantastic views it brings out all sorts of things. A pair of eagles whose wings shone orange from the setting sun, bats swooping low under the branches and through the tables, and even some ants who decided to take up residence on the table lamp.

As as for the nibbly nasties .... today was the day when they decided en masse to attack me. Not a single bite did I get whilst we were in KL, the odd one early this week, but today .... I look like a relief map of the Pennines. Not just one or two but whole lines of 'em!!