Critters 1

NewsPosted by Judy Mon, September 14, 2015 17:06:04
So there I was minding my own business hanging out the washing before I dash out, I turn round and there's a barn owl sitting two feet away from me. A neighbour came past and said she thought it had been seen previously in another neighbours garage and that it may be injured and possibly hadn't been fed.

Somehow an injured bird ... of protected species no less ... has managed to move itself about thirty yards across a road and into my garden. Everything goes on hold until neighbours partner appears with deep basket and cloth. As he managed to lift it easily into the basket he thought it was on its last legs and probably wouldn't survive long.

Interesting journey to Roumaziers, had to use my wing mirrors to drive as I had the rearview pointed towards basket in case bird decided to make its escape. Made it to vets .. phew, fortunately no one in the waiting room ... phew again and vet took charge. Broken wing but otherwise ok and when recovered would be released or taken to the bird sanctuary.

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